Vancouver Nature Tours

I think it’s safe to say that all technologies and infrastructure that exist today can never beat the beauty of nature. With respect to this Vancouver is one of the best places to take a nature tour; it offers lush green forests, beautiful beaches, and breath taking heights. So why should you visit Vancouver?

When you visit Vancouver, you will discover limitless options for viewing nature; you can fly over Vancouver and take in the view, go eco hiking, kayaking or visit one of the many parks.


You can describe hiking in two words, fun and healthy, but why should you go hiking? The reason is simple, the best way to experience nature is to be part of it, hiking gets you closer to nature and allows you to explore, in Vancouver there are many hiking spots suitable for both amateur and experienced hikers. For amateur hikers the best place to start is Lighthouse Park. The park offers a great view of both Vancouver and the rain forest.

Other great hiking spots for beginners include:

  1. Deep Cove trail
  2. Stanley Park
  3. Pacific Spirit Park
  4. Hollyburn Mountain
  5. Elfin
  6. Dog Mountain
  7. Goat Mountain

If you like more of a challenge, you should consider hiking on one of the following trails

  1. Mount Elsay
  2. St mark’s summit
  3. The lions
  4. Coliseum mountain

The beaches

Sometimes you just need to lay back soak in the sun and watch the waves, Vancouver is a place full of beaches, but the famous ones are the west end beaches, wreck beach, Spanish banks, Jericho beach and Kitsilano beach.

Kitsilano beach is the most accessible and offers sporting activities such as tennis, volley ball and windsurfing. If you are into water sport you should take yourself to Jericho beach. You can also take yourself down to wreck beach where clothing is optional, but be sure to bring cash, because the beach is not free.

Boardwalk in the park

Parks in Vancouver

The truth is that there are many parks in Vancouver, meaning that unless you are a resident you probably won’t get enough time to visit them all. What you can do is visit the best parks here.

The most recommended park is Stanley park on the west end of the city, Stanley Park is an historic attraction that’s known the world over due to its scenic view, beautiful beaches, wild life and food. Visiting Stanley Park is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Second on your list of parks to visit in Vancouver should be the queen Elizabeth Park, you should also visit Lynn canyon park, trout lake and the pacific spirit park near the university of Columbia.

Stanley Park Rose Garden.
Stanley Park Rose Garden.


Do you enjoy plant life? If you do then you must visit the queen Elizabeth Park’s quarry gardens, based on reviews queen Elizabeth’s quarry garden is the best garden to visit in Vancouver, it has great sceneries and breathtaking views. This makes it a must visit location. Other popular gardens include

  1. Dr sun Yat-Sen Chinese garden
  2. Van Dusen botanical garden
  3. Stanley park gardens
  4. Nitobe memorial gardens

Taking a nature tour is a great way to exercise and enjoy the beauty of life, so get out there feel the breeze, enjoy the sites create memories because you deserve it.


Annual Festivals and Events in Vancouver

Food, music, movies or even drinks, whatever your motivation is, you will always find a festival or event based on it in Vancouver. Vancouver is a city that plays host dozens of festivals and events most notably Canada Day.

If you are a food lover, music lover or just a festival lover then here are some festivals and events you must attend.

Dine out Vancouver festival

Imagine seventeen days of fine dining, sounds like a foodie’s paradise, doesn’t it? The festival held from January 15th to 31st each year, and sees all restaurants in Vancouver offer three course or more dinners at an affordable rate of $ 18 or more, during this festival lunch menus are usually slashed. Next years will be the 14th annual Vancouver dine out festival if you are a food lover don’t miss out.

Vancouver International Wine Festival

The Vancouver international wine festival is simply the best show in Canada; it features wine makers from All over the world and also attracts wine lovers from all over the planet. The festival is held from February 23rd to March 1st of each year and is said to be one of the best consumer festival on the planet, just remember don’t drink and drive.

Celtic Festival in Vancouver

The Celtic fest is based on the feast of St Patrick or St Patrick’s festival, the festival is all about colorful costumes mostly green, vintage cars, floats and Irish dancers, the festival is held every march each year. This is a celebration of everything Irish from the beer to the music, but still manages to balance both family and adult fun.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Just as the name suggests the Vancouver cherry blossom festival is a festival held in celebration of the cherry tree. The festival is held every spring when the cherry trees are blossoming. Each year, new activities are introduced such as art classes, hikes bike rides etc.

Canada Day

Canada day is held every 1st of July each year; the event is a celebration of the birth of Canada. It is a day for patriots to come out and celebrate everything Canada, there are fireworks, outdoor concerts and celebrations all over Canada. If you are in Vancouver you can chose to join the celebrations at Granville Island or the waterfront party and end the day at the Canada day Burrard inlet fireworks show.


Celebration of Lights in Vancouver

The celebration of light is an annual event that combines music and fireworks; this is one of the biggest events in Vancouver that sees more than 1 million people attend each year. This year’s event is scheduled to be on July 25th, 29th and august first. If you enjoy music and fireworks then this is a must attend event. If you’re lucky enough to secure VIP seating you will enjoy grab bags provided by Full Glass. These are packed full with awesome loot!

Summer Night Market

The summer night market event is a summer tradition held each year that features three huge markets namely, the shipyard night market, international summer night market and the Richmond night market. The event is for the food lovers, it features great treats from all over Vancouver and hosts more than three hundred and fifty vendors, there is also live entertainment and offers a great experience for the family.

Another notable mention is the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival.


Neighborhoods We Love in Vancouver

The best place to live in, that’s what Vancouver is, Vancouver is a seaport island city located in the west coast of British Columbia. It is characterized with beautiful beaches, scenic views, friendly people, and mild climate, and on top of all that, Vancouver is a great place to raise kids.

To help you find a great neighborhood to live in, we have compiled a list of the best places to live in Vancouver, and they include

  1. Kitsilano/kits

Kitsilano is a neighborhood named after chief August Khatsahlano, the neighborhood is bordered by the stunning Kitsilano beach and a stone throw away from down town. What makes Kitsilano a great place to live in is the food and shopping, the neighborhood has some of the best restaurants and stores in the city, its location is perfect, and all you have to do is chose between going down town and having a fun day at the beach. Kitsilano is like an all in one neighborhood you will find anything you need here. Especially popular with the young active outdoor crowds such as guides and tour operators.

  1. Downtown

Downtown is a neighborhood located right in the central business district of Vancouver, the neighborhood plays host to Stanley Park, one of the biggest tourist attraction in Canada as a whole. It also hosts a large number of movie theaters, so movie lovers will feel right at home here. Downtown Vancouver is also one the biggest district in Canada made up of a tone of shops, cafes and malls.

The real problem with this neighborhood is the lack of schools, so if you plan to raise kids here you may have to find a school outside the neighborhood.

  1. Chinatown

Chinatown in Vancouver is a neighborhood made up of many Chinese restaurants; the neighborhood is located next to gas town and downtown. Chinatown is one of the biggest tourist attractions in British Columbia. This is a neighborhood suitable for the young; the housing is affordable so you can keep up with the rent.

  1. Gastown

Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood; it is located next to downtown, it is an historic site named after “Gassy” Jack Deighton a sea man from Yorkshire. The neighborhood is a great shopping spot littered with dozens of shops boutiques and a thriving fashion district. Gastown is a neighborhood made up of many different cultures and has been named one of the most stylish places to live in. Gastown is especially popular with marketing professionals, graphic and web designers.

  1. Yaletown

Yale town started out as a big collection of abandoned warehouses; if you look at it today you find a trendy neighborhood full of independently owned restaurants and shops. Yaletown is better suited for people who enjoy the nightlife; there are a lot of clubs and bars here, so if you like the party lifestyle this is the place to be.

  1. Granville Island

Granville Island started out as an industrial site, forward a few years and it’s now a great location to raise a family, Granville island has a kid only market that’s suitable for all your child’s needs, the neighborhood is also a popular tourist attraction boasting of artists workshop, theaters and a lot of restaurants.

Paper people on green grass on bright background

  1. Point grey

Point grey is primarily a residential area, not a cheap one, the average home here goes for at least $2 million. Most of the houses on point grey are historic and stretch all the way to wreck beach where clothing is optional. Popular attractions here include the museum of anthropology and the Nitobe memorial garden.

  1. East Vancouver

You can say that east Vancouver is the artistic hub of Vancouver, the neighborhood is full of art galleries second hand shops and the Punjab market, it also hosts many Italian restaurants.

A row of family town houses in an urban neighbourhood.
A row of family town houses in an urban in Vancouver.
  1. West Vancouver

West Vancouver can be described as a shopper’s paradise, it is composed of large commercial centers and tourist attractions, the average home here goes for.

Generally Vancouver is a great place to live in, but your personal choice and preference will determine where you’ll settle.



Seriously Fun Things to Do in Vancouver

Ever gone somewhere and felt totally out of place, the feeling of not knowing what to do can kill all the fun in a vacation. What you need is a plan and knowledge of the top attractions in Vancouver.

Vancouver is a region in Canada that hosts some of the best tourist attractions on the planet for families and business people according to Carol from Full Glass.

Here are some fun things to do in Vancouver:


So you have just arrived in Vancouver, going straight to one place and staying there for the remainder of the trip is outright boring. What you want to do is see everything Vancouver has to offer.

The first place that you must visit is the Capilano suspension bridge, why? Imagine yourself 70 meters above the Capilano River, surrounded by a lush forest; this is the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like a bird except for wing suiting or parachuting in Vancouver which I encourage you to try.

If you like marine life you should visit the Vancouver aquarium and see the dolphins and other fascinating creatures of the deep. You can also take a sky tour Vancouver or visit the beautiful Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese garden. There are many spectacular sights in Vancouver so try to visit as much as you can.


The great outdoors

The thing about Vancouver is that, outdoor activities are everywhere, all you have to do is chose, if you are adventurous one thing you can do is go backcountry camping in places a such as turquoise lake or go scuba diving in Whyte Cliff park.

If you are into extreme sports you can go snowboarding in the north shore or go bungee jumping in one of the many sites. You can also go on a kayak tour and see the whales, or go bird watching in the forest just be sure to take a guide with you.

You may also want to experience the beaches, you can visit English bay beach, the Spanish banks or if you are one who likes to bear it all, then you should visit Wreck Beach where clothing is optional.

Take time to enjoy the scenic landscapes and historical attractions all over the city.


Fun and games in Vancouver

What’s your definition of fun is it sitting on the beach? or does it involve something extreme like base jumping, regardless of what your idea of fun is, Vancouver offers fun activities for all members of the family, for example if you have kids you can take them to one of the museums or theaters in Vancouver, or you can find other family friendly activities around, such as bus or plane tours around the island.

The night life in Vancouver

The night life in Vancouver is filled with celebrities, beautiful people and all sorts of clubs you can imagine, simply put, if you like to party, you should be in Vancouver, if anybody tells you otherwise then they don’t know what they are talking about.

Whatever your preference is, you will find something suitable for you, my first recommendation would be the fortune sound club, but if you are into upcoming bands you should visit the Biltmore or dance club 23 west to shake it.

Remember the amount of fun you’ll have is dependent on you, so stay positive and find what’s suits you. The truth is if you are in Vancouver, you are in one of the best vacation spots in the world.


Why You Should Host Your Next Business Conference in Vancouver

Picture yourself hosting a business conference in a dull lifeless room in the middle of a big industrial city, probably half of the attendants will be asleep while the others won’t pay much attention to what’s happening.

The truth is as humans we are wired to enjoy little bribes here and there, and if you ‘treat’ your business partners or employees well, the outcome tends to be positive, but if you don’t more often failure. Holding a business conference requires planning, you don’t just dive into it.

When looking for location to host a business conference you should look for four things

  1. Weather
  2. Location
  3. Technology
  4. Fun


Imagine being invited to a business conference in island or somewhere with extremely cold or warm weather, most people wouldn’t find the idea appealing. But now imagine being invited to a warm sunny island with beautiful beaches, breathtaking views and an overall fun feel. Most people will want to jump on the plane yesterday.

Unlike other parts of Canada Vancouver is such a place, the weather, the views and the temperatures make it the perfect destination for business conferences, even the winter months enjoy good weather, so you can host a conference at any time of the year.


When hosting a business conference, the most important things to consider are the location, budget and size of facility.

Getting to Vancouver is easy; depending on your location you can either access it by road, air, sea and even rail. Another thing is your budget (how much are you willing to spend). In Vancouver you will find locations that are suitable for your budget. Carol from Full Glass has been the keynote speaker at many of conferences in Vancouver. She recommends Summer or early fall for conference dates.

In Vancouver there are many great locations for hosting a business conference such as

  1. The university of Columbia
  2. The BC place
  3. Rogers arena
  4. Jewel ball room and many more


Vancouver is one of the most tech savvy cities in the world, if you are holding a business conference in Vancouver you will have access to all of the best conference technologies available such as

  1. Internet access
  2. Audio visual equipment
  3. Wi-Fi
  4. Microphones
  5. Speakers and projectors



You may have the location and you may have the technology but if there is no fun, the conference will be boring; it’s all dependent on your management of things. If you host a conference in Vancouver, it is important to allow the attendees to enjoy the simple things such as the great food Vancouver has to offer or the other many possible activities they can indulge in. the idea is to make the conference feel like a getaway a perfect mix of business and fun.

Remember that old saying, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy? If you do then you should understand that you need a fun location for your conference and Vancouver is a fun place both for leisure and business. When looking for the perfect location you can never go wrong with Vancouver.